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About Polaris Medical Centre

The Polaris Medical Centre joins the burgeoning Polaris community with a vision centred on family medicine and high-quality healthcare. As dedicated and experienced medical professionals, the Polaris Medical Centre team will provide a range of services, from Aged Care to children’s and women’s health as well as providing various allied health services including podiatry, physiotherapy and mental health services.

As General Practitioners, Dr Mohamed Rasheed and Dr Katrina Philip are committed to provide thorough, high standard professional care. They aim to support each patient throughout their health care experience.

Delighted to be part of the new developments in Polaris, the team looks forward to serving and growing with the community.


Please telephone reception to make an appointment. Longer appointments are required for multiple problems and complex issues. Please discuss with our reception staff if you think you may require a longer appointment. Urgent or emergency medical issues may be given priority.

Our staff will attempt to contact you if a delay is anticipated. Booked appointments are preferred to avoid waiting times or inability to be seen if the doctor is too busy and your appointment is not urgent.

If non-urgent, patients can speak to their doctor between consultations if they are able to otherwise you will be asked to call back at another time or they will return your call at the end of their consulting period. Emergency calls will be addressed immediately.

We are a private billing practice. Information about our fees and service are available at reception.

Payment at the time of consultation is required. Once payment is made, we are able to provide on the spot Medicare refund in to your nominated EFTPOS account. Please contact reception for further details. Payment can be made via cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS.

This practice participates in an active recall and reminder program for preventative health issues as well as giving information to and national health registers (immunisations/pap smears). If you do not wish to receive a recall letter or have your information shared for these purposes, please inform our staff.

If you are referred for tests or to a specialist/health care professional, you may incur out of pocket expenses. Please ask at reception if you have any queries.

After hours, National Home Doctor Service (NHDS) provides care. Telephone 137425. If required, the deputising service will visit you at home. This service is bulk billed.

Please make an appointment to see the doctor to discuss the results of any tests you have had performed. We will only contact you if any test results require urgent attention. Please ensure your contact details are up to date with this practice.

All patient consultations and medical records are kept strictly private and confidential. We require consent from you to release any details of your medical records to family members, employer, insurance companies, solicitors or government departments. We require a signed written consent form for transferring medical records to another practice. This must come from the practice you are intending to move to.

Translating and interpreting service is available upon request, however, 24 hours’ notice is required before your appointment. Please inform the receptionist if you require this service.

  • Diabetes care and management
  • Pap smears
  • Vaccinations
  • Nutritional advice
  • Chronic disease management
  • Travel Medicine
  • Women and Children’s health
  • Mental Health
  • Health Assessments
  • Minor surgery, suturing, removal of skin lesions

Your feedback is important to us and is always welcome. Please feel free to talk to your doctor or the receptionist regarding any concerns or suggestions you may have with our service. Alternatively, you may put any comments you have into our suggestion box.

We are also very happy to have any positive feedback you may like to give us.

If you have a serious complaint that you feel has not been resolved by our practice, you may wish to contact:

Health Complaints Commission
Level 26
570 Bourke Street
Melbourne Vi c 3000
Phone: 1300 582 113
Email : hcc@hcc.vic.gov.au




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